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  • Follow up Consultation £150

Robotic Assisted Surgery

Mr Simon Garrett is proud to offer robotic orthopaedic procedures for patients requiring a total knee replacement or total hip replacement, by making use of a MAKOplasty robotic arm.

Before the surgery, you will have a CT scan which generates a 3D virtual model of the area to be operated on. This model is used to create a unique surgical plan based on your anatomy and will indicate the optimal size and placement of your implants, which is vital for correct biomechanical reconstruction. During the operation the robotic system guides the surgeon based on the personalised pre-operative plan and this means that the surgeon is able to remove the diseased bone while preserving the surrounding healthy bone and tissue.

The robotic system allows for much more accurate placement of your implants compared to traditional methods. The potential benefits of using the robot include a smaller incision, fewer complications, less pain and faster recovery times; restoring your confidence in your mobility and helping you to return to your active lifestyle within weeks.

Payment options

If you have private health insurance it is important to check how much your policy will pay, because some policies do not cover all the associated costs. This is due to the fact that many insurance companies have not increased their cover for surgical fees for over 15 years. This is despite inflation and the rapidly increasing costs of medical indemnity insurance.

For patients paying for their own treatment there is the option of fixed price surgery. This cost includes medical fees, hospital fees, drugs and surgical implants, physiotherapy in hospital, any medical treatment whilst in hospital, and for an extended stay for complications directly related to the procedure for 30 days following surgery.

0%APR finance packages are available

For information regarding Fixed Price surgery, please call:

BMI The Winterbourne Hospital
01305 756625

BMI The Harbour Hospital
0800 1422309

Nuffield Hospital, Bournemouth
0333 305 4798



Dorset County Hospital
Fracture Clinic Wednesday Afternoon
Elective Clinic Thursday Afternoon


The Winterbourne
Monday pm & Wednesday am

The Nuffield, Bournemouth
Alternate Monday am

The Harbour, Poole
Alternate Monday pm

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